What Makes Elite Different

The combination of unique ingredients that make up the proprietary Thermo-RX and Extend-RX Technologies in Lipodrene Elite is what makes it so much different from the competition. Hi-Tech Pharmaceutical’s inclusion of coca leaves as a primary ingredient make Lipodrene Elite a stand out in the weight loss supplement industry. Such an ingredient has shown to help with weight loss, reduce cravings, improve energy, and reduce fatigue. These results are exactly those being sought by dieters and athletes looking for that edge to help them drop weight and experience a gain in performance.

In addition to being powered by coca leaves, some of the highlights that make Lipodrene Elite so unique include the addition of 1,3 DMAA to this ephedra-free weight loss and energy supplement. The addition of DMAA further contributes to improvements in mood, energy, and the ability to control your appetite. The use of senegalia berlandieri as a primary ingredient also helps capitalize on improvement with mood, feelings of well-being, and an overall increase in energy.

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals knows how to put together a diet and energy supplement that brings all the necessary factors together to make weight loss and fat burning occur effectively and efficiently. With ingredients that work together physically and emotionally by both turning your body into a fat-burning machine and positively contributing to your mood and overall well-being, Hi-Tech Pharmeceuticals corners the weight loss market and makes it easier for dieters to lose weight and feel good while doing it.

What further makes Lipodrene Elite so different from the competition, in addition to the great energy increasing ingredients and fat burning compounds, are ingredients like 5-methoxytryptamine HCL, which helps decrease stress levels, and 5-HTP, which helps alleviate anxiety and depression, and promotes sleep.

A complete diet and energy aid that positively impacts all elements of your well-being, Lipodrene Elite is a stand out fat burning supplement designed to help you be your best both physically and emotionally.