Lipodrene Elite vs. Lipodrene

The two high-performance weight loss formulas by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, original Lipodrene and Lipodrene Elite, both offer incredible features for those looking to effectively drop weight. While each both of these highly effective weight loss formulas do share some similar ingredients, such as senegalia berlandieri extract and green tea extract, they also have significant differences in construction that set them apart from one another, as well as other products in their weight loss class.

What stands out between these two ingredient lists is the inclusion of ephedra in Lipodrene original, and exclusion of it in Lipodrene Elite. Another major stand out between these two major weight loss formulas is the inclusion of 1,3 Dimethylamylamine HCL (DMAA) in Lipodrene Elite and exclusion of it in Lipodrene original. And, a clearly unique difference in ingredients between the two is the inclusion of coca leaves as a primary ingredient in Lipodrene Elite, and exclusion of it as an ingredient in the original formula. While both do contain caffeine, Lipodrene Elite contains 150 milligrams, which is a full 50 milligrams more than the original formula.

Though with similar ingredients, each of these powerful weight loss products has its own unique formula that offers incredible capabilities for dieters who are looking for an effective approach to weight loss. Lipodrene original maintains its standing as a no-nonsense fat burner that helps control sugar cravings and regulate appetite. Lipodrene Elite offers intense energy and a powerful mood boost, while at the same time offering maximum appetite suppressing capabilities that help users achieve quick weight loss results.

Utilizing either Lipodrene original or Lipodrene Elite as a “go to” diet pill to help you drop that extra weight will bring those long sought-after weight loss results you seek. Each formula offers powerful individual ingredients that will help you control hunger and appetite, as well as all the extras that help with increased mood, focus, and energy, all important factors that help make weight loss that much easier.